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social media management & strategy

As a social media manager specializing in performing arts marketing, I bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to elevate the marketing campaigns of artists and performers.
With a passion for movement and a deep understanding of digital landscapes, I thrive in developing and executing comprehensive social media campaigns that resonate with global audiences.

The Joyce Theater


The Joyce Theater is a dance and performing arts venue in New York City. One of the only theaters built by dancers for dance, The Joyce offers an annual 45 to 48-week season which welcomes over 150,000 audience members. Its commitment to supporting artists extends beyond its proscenium theater space to artist residency programs, Joyce Theater Productions, and its latest endeavor - The New York City Center for Creativity and Dance in the East Village. 







As The Joyce Theater's Marketing Manager, I sought to grow our social media following and reach while crafting a distinct brand aesthetic, voice, and content strategy

Since The Joyce programs over 40 dance companies annually, our goal is to craft unique social media strategies for each company while maintaining campaigns for our own brand awareness. 

Content Capture

  1.   Capture high-quality photos and videos of visiting dance companies and artists

  2.   Conduct artist interviews to enhance social media copy and integrate the artists' perspectives

  3.   Set up streamlined approval process through content management platforms 


Content Creation

  1.   Create brand guidelines to specify logo usage, colors, and brand voice across all social media platforms

  2.   Establish four core content pillars to incorporate the various programs and initiatives of The Joyce:

    1.   Inform

    2.   Educate

    3.   Inspire

    4.   Entertain

  3.   Designed and implemented strategic campaigns to increase reach, including:

    1.   Perspectives on a Dance: a voiceover series featuring a choreographer or dancer describing a pivotal moment in the performance

    2.   Behind the Curtain: a behind-the-scenes interview series featuring the dancers, musicians, and other artistic collaborators 

    3.   Studio to Stage: a series highlighting the creative process from the rehearsal stage in the studio to the performance stage on The Joyce's stage

  4.   Set up design templates in Canva, InDesign, and PremierePro to establish a cohesive and standardized brand aesthetic


  1.   Conduct research on the dance companies' histories and featured choreographers' biographies to inform web and social media copy

  2.   Write compelling and informative copy templates that adhere to the brand voices across platforms

  3.   Craft inviting CTA language to increase conversion rates and ticket sales


Platform Management 

  1.   Maintain consistent follower interactions on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn

By creating a streamlined process of collaborating with the variety of dance companies and artists performing on our stage, we achieved our goal of growing our following and reach.  Comparing our metrics from 2021 to 2022, here are some key results of our social media strategy:

  • Increase Facebook reach by 430%

  • Increase Instagram reach by 350%

  • Increase Facebook followers by 170%

  • Increase Instagram followers by 30%

  • Increase Twitter impressions by 300%

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Copywriting

  • Video Capture & Editing

  • Photo Capture & Editing

  • Project Management

  • End-to-end Content Production

  • People Management

  • Client Relationship Building

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